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The ideal audit is more than a simple report - it should be a roadmap to improvement. We believe an audit should be more than a list of things that are wrong; it should also provide all the resources to make things right.

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Google is constantly moving the goalposts. Things that Google considers satisfactory for the user are always changing. Types of link building that may have once worked for you before are now useless, or even risky. 

Luckily, we invest heavily in researching what works right now, what Google doesn’t like, what it’s susceptible to, and so on. We have a huge emphasis on research and development in general behind our approach as a company. 

Case Study - Home Furniture Website

furniture website


This home and lifestyle site specializes in selling furniture for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The main goal for the campaign was to increase revenue generated from SEO by improving the visibility across all their product ranges.

Our Strategy

We worked with the client to improve thin and duplicate content across the site, reduced the amount of duplicated pages and optimized the site in preparation for link building.

We used a combination of aggressive link building and natural link building from niche relevant bloggers with some optimized anchor text distributions. The main goal was to gain quality links that were not going to risk penalizing the client and gain authority.

We targeted easy wins at the start of the campaign to get a return on investment for the client and now pursue considerably more competitive keywords with an increased budget.


Within the first six months of the campaign, the revenue had increased by 125% and is now consistently above six digits each month and has since doubled again.

"We are ranking a large site and whilst the foundations are still being laid, we are already starting to see some really good results. This is one agency I'd have no hesitation in recommending."


Marketing Manager

"Worked with Charles and his team for a while now. They are very professional and service orientated. Deliver on time and are super-responsive whenever I contact them."


Company Owner

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