The internet has made it possible for people to easily do business and earn from it at the comfort of their home or wherever it is one is based. As they say, the internet has made the world a global village, and indeed it has. Still, with all the achievements that the internet has enabled us to achieve, it keeps changing every single day. Right now is a good time to ask yourself, do I need to update my website?

Eventually, all these changes affect the optimisation of websites and require regular updates so as to be up-to-date and to enjoy fully the benefits of the internet. There are a number of benefits that come with updating your website to a more modern, user-friendly, Google friendly and mobile friendly version. As a business, your website needs to be optimised for both mobile and desktop – but mobile first –we at Serene Media can easily help your business achieve that at very affordable rates. Mobile has become an enigma in the internet business. Your business can’t thrive without it.

Traditional websites – a term used to define websites that were developed a couple of years ago when the internet was just becoming famous – were not really designed fully for mobile or for use on the latest devices. In 2015, Google, the most used search engine in the whole world, released a report saying that more searches were being done using mobile devices. That people no longer needed a laptop or desktop to visit the internet and find what they needed.

In 2016, Google, yet again released another report that made it clear that mobile had overtaken desktops and was the number one device that was being used to visit websites or get information online. This discovery saw many companies update their websites to a more mobile friendly version while those who were just designing their websites built theirs first for mobile before desktop or any other device.  Still, there are companies out there that haven’t adapted to this and are losing significantly when it comes to business development or revenue generation streams.

You must be asking yourself what exactly are the benefits of having a more modern, user-friendly, Google friendly and mobile friendly version. In this article, we delve in and give you the benefits and why now is the right time to update your website. Additionally, you can find out if your site is mobile friendly or not by taking the Mobile-Friendly Test by Google now.

  1. Improved user experience

The only thing that will make a customer visiting your website to stay longer is being able to navigate your website easily on their mobile device. A customer who finds it difficult browsing through your website for information will simply not visit your site again. Moreover, a site that has been designed for desktop and not mobile will mean that a consumer on your site will not get the best view on mobile and will most likely turn to your competitor. However, if your site is mobile friendly, users will not have to keep zooming in and out to get the information they seek. This will, in turn, lead to more and more people visiting your website whether they want to purchase your products or read your articles.

  1. Business development and improved lead generation

No business wants to go out of business. No one starts a business and wants to see it shut down because they were not able to generate revenue to sustain their business.  Getting your website to have a modern, user-friendly and mobile friendly version is the best gift you can gift yourself and your colleagues. Going mobile will guarantee you leads and more business. People who are interested in your products will find them easily and can reach out to you. Having the pain and worry of where your next lead will come from will no longer be an issue for your team.

  1. Average time spent on site

The thing about the internet is that it all narrows down to time. How much time a customer will spend on your site should be the key thing that you factor in when you are updating your site to mobile. If as a user, I find it easy to manoeuvre through your website, chances are I might end up being a loyal client. Users are always in and out of sites. If your site is more engaging and more compelling than that of your competitors and users spend more time there, then you have nailed a couple of clients.

  1. Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When it comes to SEO, every website has to adhere to the same rules put in place by Google. What Google says is what every website seeking to rank higher than that of their competitors will have to do. This also means more traffic to your website and eventually more business.

  1. Loading speed of your website

Loading a traditional website on your phone will take a large amount of time, and the experience may not even be worth it. Studies have gone ahead to show that if a user has to wait for your site to load for 6 to 10 seconds, they will leave the site. Having a mobile friendly site will definitely improve the user experience and give your users a positive experience.

  1. Competitor advantage

All businesses want to outshine their competitors. Making your website mobile friendly will give you that competitive edge over your competitors. As more developments happen in the internet space, always ensure that your site isn’t left behind.

If you are looking to convert your site into a mobile friendly one, we at Serene Media can help you achieve that. However, one thing you need to bear in mind is that it’s not a day’s job. It’s not as instant as tossing a coin and choosing heads or tails. Some development will go into updating it, and Serene Media can make that happen for you at very affordable rates. There are two approaches that our team will use; either we design a separate site that is mobile friendly or utilises the responsive design to your main site. Whatever your needs are, we at Serene Media will make it happen.