In this short tutorial, we show you how to turn your pc mouse into a drawing pen.

This is a very simple process but we should point out that this cannot be done with a cordless mouse. The mouse has to be wired for this hack to work.

First of all, we take a wired mouse. Open up the screws of the mouse and take it apart.

You can see from the video below, how the mouse should look inside. Then remove the scroll wheel and take out the circuit board from the body.

This the lens part of the mouse and you can see the place where it belongs.

Now study the connections in the circuit so that you can understand them. If you can’t see the connections remove the green layer from the circuit. This will help you to see all the connections clearly and the solder wire on the circuit.

Next cut the circuit from the middle so that you can make it small and compact. In the video there are some pictures of the circuit from every angle so that if you make a mistake in the circuit, you can fix it by looking at the pictures.

Now unsolder the IC from the circuit (the black bar in the middle of the circuit). Use a good amount of solder wire so that you can heat the maximum amount of joints at the same time.

Now remove all the components from the circuit where the number of the components is less and then cut the circuit board from the middle (make it small as you can).

Remove all the green layer by using a razor blade or a knife or a cutter and now connect the circuit by wires by putting the connections back as it was before.

Now do the same with the IC by rejoining the connections where they should be according to the circuit.

Once all the connections have been joined, you should be able to join the lens cap under the IC as it supposed to be. It is best to glue this back with the help of a glue gun.

Now check if there is any kind of sensitivity on the screen when you move your hand or finger under the lens cap and check the buttons if they are working properly.

Now for the main part of the procedure. Take all the lens and wires and fit them into a pen or pen-like structure such as a small PVC pipe. Cut out a section for the buttons and then position the LED lens and the IC carefully at the right position to ensure the lens can obtain a suitable opening.

If you find your mouse pen is not working properly, it may mean the led is not in the correct position. If this is the case, remove the LED lens once more and make the hole slightly larger. Once you are certain that the LED lens is in the correct position, you can glue in the fittings at the other end to ensure the lens stays in place.

Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend using a pen like this for professional marketing but it is a great way to get started in computer graphics.