Most people don’t put a lot of thought when buying a mouse mat, and this is totally understandable given the modern wireless mouse technology. It was a lot harder to use old-school mouses without investing in a good mouse pad. The optical sensors found on mouses being produced today are a lot better, especially when you consider the working surface. As long as the mat of your mouse if flat and smooth, it’ll most likely do the job.

The surface of your mouse mat affects the tracking of your mouse. A soft pad helps increase the drag for exact precision while a hard surface will enable your mouse to move a lot more quickly. It’s, therefore, important to get a mat that is smooth and has a tactile surface. That said, if you are looking to buy a new mouse mat or are looking to upgrade your mat, below are some mouse mats that you can consider.


  1. SteelSeries Dex Mouse Pad


This mouse pad boasts of a unique 3D-textured surface that helps reduce friction regardless of the soft-hand feel. With this mouse pad, you won’t be forced to sacrifice comfort for responsiveness as is the case with other mats.

  • 3D surface that makes it comfortable to use while at the same time reducing friction and increasing the responsiveness of your mouse
  • Constructed from soft rubberized polymer that has a texture that’s slightly raised
  • The mat is both washable and waterproof
  • Heat-bound edges which help the mat, not to fray
  • The mouse pad doesn’t have any graphics that can cause distractions when using it
  • The base is made from silicone which helps keep the mat in place and prevent any slides
  • It’s expensive when compared to other mouse mats

SteelSeries DeX, Gaming Mouse Pad - 320mm x 270mm x 2mm - Textured Cloth - Sillicone Base - Washable - Black


  1. 3M Precise Mouse Pad


If you are interested in getting a mouse mat that will provide your wrist with extra comfort than what you can get from a normal soft mat, then you ought to give the 3M Precise mouse mat some attention.

  • Designed with a gel-filled wrist rest that gives the much-needed relief to your wrist at an affordable price
  • Perfect mouse mat for those looking for a solution to wrist pain as it offers real support for your wrist
  • The leatherette covering for the gel pillow is both soft and durable than for other ergonomic mouse mats
  • It doesn’t crack, leak, pit or deteriorate easily given the material used in creating it
  • This mouse mat offers improved tracking for optical sensors thanks to the micro-grooved layer that is also flat
  • Given the features, this mouse results in a more responsive and smoother cursor feedback
  • Quite affordable making it a great choice for anyone of a budget but looking for an ergonomic mouse mat
  • With time, the mat is prone to curling a little at the edges

Precise Leatherette Mouse Pad w/Wrist Rest, Nonskid Base, 8-3/4 x 9-1/4, Black


  1. Glorious PC Gaming Race 3XL Extended Mouse Mat


If you are keen on getting a mouse mat that can fit both your keyboard and mouse, then you have to consider one of the best-oversized mouse mats, the Glorious PC Gaming Race 3XL Extended Mouse Mat.

  • Easily accommodates both your mouse and keyboard
  • Provides a soft place for you to rest your wrists and hands
  • The soft and tactile surface helps in tracking, and the frame around the edges is stitched to prevent fraying and warping
  • It offers a lot of space for your mouse and keyboard with a rubber base that helps keep it in place on top of your desk
  • The mat is washable and can be machine or hand washed which helps in keeping the mat clean
  • It helps protect your desk’s surface finish
  • Its non-sealed fabric gathers dirt and dust a lot more easily when compared to other mats

Glorious PC Gaming Race 3XL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat / Pad - Large, Wide (Long) Black Mousepad, Stitched Edges | 1219x610x3mm (G-3XL)


  1. Corsair Gaming MM300


Another extended mouse mat that you can get for your mouse and keyboard is the Corsair Gaming MM300 mouse pad. The best part is that it comes in various sizes and style giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Provides a resting place for both your mouse and keyboard while also protecting the surface on your desk
  • The mat is optimized for mouse accuracy
  • The low-friction polymer used helps deliver high glide all while maintaining control
  • Offers consistent tracking thanks to the optimal reflective characteristic
  • The base features an anti-skid rubber that prevents it from sliding even during an intense gaming
  • It takes a day or two after it has been unpacked for it to become flat

Corsair Gaming MM300 Extended Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat - Black


  1. Razer Goliathus Extended Mat


The Razer Goliathus extended mat that can enable you to attain optimal performance, seeing that special attention has been given to precise speed and control. However, it has bold graphics that may not work for everyone.

  • Available in a variety of styles, size, and color
  • It can easily fit both your keyboard and mouse given the large size
  • The textured weave construction helps make the mat durable and comfortable
  • The base is made from rubber which helps prevent slides and slips when in use
  • Optimized for all sensitivity and sensor settings
  • Bold graphics that may not appeal to everyone

RAZER RZ02-01070800-R3M2 Control Extended Goliathus Fissure Soft Gaming Surface



  1. SubZERO Gaming TYKA Extended Mouse Mat


This mouse from SubZERO Gaming is a perfect mouse for both work and play. The mouse boasts of minimal design and is a lot simpler than the Razer Goliathus mouse.

  • The mouse lets you focus your attention on your work or game given the minimal design
  • It has a non-slip rubber base. This helps prevent any slides or slips when the mouse mat is in use
  • The materials used to construct the mouse help make it durable even after years of use
  • Ideal for office use thanks to the clean and simple design
  • Well-stitched to prevent fraying
  • Slight smell that wears off after some days when unpacked

SubZERO Gaming TYKA Extended Mammoth Soft Gaming Mouse Pad/Mat, Long XXL Mousepad, Stitched Edges, 36"x18" (Black)


Final Thoughts

There are different mouse mats from various brands that you can get in the market today. Depending on what you need it for, choosing a mat that suits your needs will go a long way in helping your mouse deliver precise control and speed. Whether you want an office mouse mat or gaming mat, you will be sure to get something that works for you from our above review.