Globalization, expansion of modern technology and telecommunications inevitably influenced the way of doing and marketing a business today. The crucial factor for getting recognition among customers group, regardless of the size of the company, industry and business area, is company’s Internet presence.

Website is company’s presentation accessible to everyone in the world, from company’s potential and current customers to competitors. Its easy access contributes to the importance to optimize its content and design properly, in line with business objectives, customers preferences, online behavior and current Internet trends.

Research has shown that the average visitor spends only 3 seconds on the website before deciding whether to proceed exploring the website or to leave it. Unless the website attracts the attention of the visitors within these decisive 3 seconds, the visitor usually goes to the competitor’s website. A website developed in a professional and quality way will promote your company’s services on the Internet, and will point out to the reasons on why customer should decide for you instead of your competitors.

Website Is Your Company’s ID

The customer behavior researches have proven the common belief that visitors tend to identify the website with company’s expertise. The unconventional wisdom is that the master of trade has the masterpiece website.

Factors crucial for a successful website are its design, functionality and a quality content. Efficient website development requires the coordination of copywriters, designers and developers towards building the unique online story. The business owner needs to be full-time involved in its development, and to inspire everyone involved with his business vision that has to be radiated through the website content.

All parties involved in the website development need to be familiar with marketing principles, the importance of user experience design as well as the psychology of the customers. It is equally important to keep up with Internet trends. The Internet, just like the technology, lifestyle and purchase habits and preferences, is constantly changing. Winning formulas for developing a website from the past are not valid today.

A successful modern website is the one that your customers can find and access easily, via any device they use, and to communicate with it in a simple way. Website saves your time, because it establishes contacts with your customer group and build your brand awareness, allowing you to concentrate on other important tasks.

“If your visitors can not find what they are looking for on your website, they will leave immediately – and probably will not return in the short term.”

Key Factors for a Successful Website – Find Out whether Your Current Website is Compliant With Them

For a website to be successful, it has to meet several criteria. The most important criteria for a website success are the following:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Navigation

Design is the image of your company on the Internet. Website visitors evaluate your company’s credibility and professionalism through your web design. Poorly designed website distorts the image of your company online, so it requires your full attention. Design is the process that begins by considering the concept of the future website, detailed planning and finally designing. There are a lot of elements that need to be reconciled when designing a website, such as: a choice of a technique to be used to create content in the form of text, photos, animations, and so on.

Content is the reason why a visitor landed on your website. The way in which the content is written can affect the success of your website. Depending on whether the content has a good or bad quality, it will influence the ranking of your website in search engines therefore influences the number of your website visitors. Good content has to animate customers and encourage them to take an action.

Navigation is an important element that shouldn’t be ignored. Elements of the website such as the header, navigation menu, content, and footer should have a logical layout, which means that their order has to enable easy and simple user experience.  The visitor should not be confused or disoriented, because that will make him leave your website.

10 Basic Elements that Your Website Needs to Contain

  1. Website title

The first element that your website visitors see is the headline. The title on each web page should describe what information the visitor will find on it. It helps users to connect your website page with the content they look for. The title needs to be clear, concise and meaningful. It needs to contain the keywords that will attract your potential customers.

  1. Easy navigation

Nothing will drive away your website visitors like confusing and complicated website navigation. When a potential buyer visits your website, he needs to know in every moment on which page he’s landed and to simply find pages he already visited or has an interest to visit. The navigation menu should be accessible and easy to read and understand. It should be on every page on your website and located in the same place.

  1. Effective content

Words that describe your products or services are the basic prerequisite for the success of your business. The description will help or hinder the potential customer to order your product or service.

  1. Simple purchasing and ordering process

If a visitor wants to buy your product or service, help them to do so – do not leave them in doubt. You need to provide sufficient information to the prospective buyer to help him in this process in the simplest way possible. If you want him to buy a product, help him by naming the link „Click here to order a product X“. Provide him clear and precise instructions on how to order and inform him what will happen after he clicks on a particular link.

  1. Attractive and eye-catching photography

Photos and imagery can help customers to experience your product or service, so make sure you have pictures of the product or service you sell. Eye-catching photography, aside from the fact that it can attract customers to your website, can significantly help your sales. If you sell more products, use photo galleries and photos with links that enable zooming.

  1. Lead-capture forms

Most of the visitors who are on your website for the first time won’t make a purchase. They usually come to gather information about your offer. To maintain contact with potential customers, you need to find a way to collect their email addresses and monitor conversions. One of the ways to do so, is to add a possibility for them to sign up for a free e-magazine or a newsletter. Another way is to enable them a free downloading of the e-product. This way, you will get a chance to have them in your database and to inform them regularly about new products, services, special offers, discounts, promotions and to keep a contact with them. Optional registration gives you an excellent opportunity to convert website visitors into your customers and to maximize your sales.

  1. Customers testimonials

A great way to build credibility of your company i.e. to convince your potential customers that you’re selling products and services with a real value, is to include comments from the satisfied customers who explain how your product or services helped them and improved their life quality. Below the comments, you should add names and photos of your satisfied customers to make sure that visitors will find your testimonials credible.

  1. About Us page

Online users are mostly skeptical when buying over the Internet, because it lacks a personal interaction or business face-to-face. The best way to introduce website visitors to who you are and what’s your story, is to add this information to “About Us“ page where you’re telling more about you, your teams and your business.

  1. FAQ page

Make sure to add a page with most common questions and answers that contain basic issues with your products and services that potential customers may have interest for.

  1. Your contact information

In order to execute sales and to build your credibility, you need to set a complete information on how a visitor can get in contact with the appropriate person in your company. Ideally, you should have contacts – phone number and email address, from each sector in your company, which will save time for a visitor to get the information he needs. Contact form is also useful, as it’s another opportunity to capture your visitors’ contact information and monitor conversions.

When You Need to Redevelop Your Corporate Website

  • You have a website that has been developed a long ago, and it doesn’t bring as many visits as your business requires.
  • You have the same website for years, and you haven’t made any changes on it since it’s developed.
  • When you type keywords in the browsers related to your website topic and it doesn’t appear on the first page in the browser, yet the content is updated and optimized.

If your answer is positive on any of the above mentioned statements it’s time to redevelop your website.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take this step:

  1. To support different devices

The percentage of users who visit websites from their mobile devices is growing rapidly, and you need to have a website that supports visits from different devices. The days when you had to think only about how your website appears in browsers are gone. Today your website needs to be adapted to devices as well, because your potential customers will look you up from their desktop computers, lap tops, tablets, Android and iOS devices. Redesign your website so that every user has the same experience, regardless the device they use.

  1. To improve content access

If your visitors can not find what they are looking for on your website, they will leave immediately – and probably will not return in the short term. If this is the case, you need to redevelop your website to make sure it’s more user-friendly and your visitors have a use of it.

  1. To keep up with online trends

Search engines regularly change the algorithm that is used to rank websites. If your website was optimized for browsers couple of years ago and you haven’t change anything since then, you lose positions in search engines. Redevelop your website and make sure it is optimized both technically and content-wise.

  1. To refresh your appearance

You got bored with your website appearance or you didn’t like it in the first place? It is good to think about changing how it looks. Take into consideration that if it looks dull to you, most likely the visitors think the same way. A fresh new redesign can only bring good results to your website appearance and  traffic.

  1. To improve functionality

A customer will make an online purchase only if it doesn’t take him a lot of time and effort. Redevep your website to make it easier and simpler for customers to purchase your product or use your service. Many business owners prefer their existing website and are not tolerant for changes, mostly because they can not predict customers’ reactions to it. But we assume that you’ll find it worth a risk if you aim better sales performances.

What is a Website Redevelopment?

Website redevelopment means keeping the same website, its domain and some basic characteristics, while changing the concept, structure and its design. A precise definition of what it all involves to redevelop a website can not be given, because the workload and changes depend on the website. We have had cases where websites needed very little correction to freshen them up and position them on the first place in browsers, and we had other cases when websites needed a complete change of layout, theme and structure.

You need to keep in mind that nowadays, a website is your company’s ID card that says a lot about you and your professionalism and expertise. Before a potential customer visits your offices or stores, he will evaluate you through your online presence. The moment they enter your website is critical – on the first glance on your website homepage they will decide to stay and explore or to leave it. If your ID card (your website) is obsolete, visitors will get an impression that your company, products and services are also obsolete. Do not let them get the wrong impression of you, when sometimes it’s possible to improve a website with even small design tricks and a small budget.

Website redevelopment is the most demanded digital service today, because most companies already have their websites but they need improvements and refreshment. Even the website appearance is specialised today, and it differs depending on the type of the company – agencies, banks, sports organizations, retail stores, etc. have their own website templates.

It is also important to be moderate and to not overdo it, because we are sure that you want to keep your old customers who visited it regularly. Although the aim is to attract new users, it would be contraproductive if by doing it we lose the existing customers base. Therefore, a website redevelopment needs to be treated very carefully and meticulously. Sometimes this service is far more extensive and demanding than the construction and design of a brand new website.

This is why you need a professional team, which will always be in step with the latest trends brought by Internet users’ online habits and preferences, and who knows what are the most important factors when redeveloping a website.

What are the Most Common Changes Made through Redevelopment

  1. Responsiveness and social media integration

Most of the people today request a redevelopment to respond to the latest requirements when it’s about experience with a website, such as – a website adapted to exploring on smart phones, tablets and similar devices, as well as to integrate a website with social networks. Implementing these two options, your website will surely get a larger number of visitors, because the greatest number of Internet users search via new generation devices and increasingly share the links and content through social networks, which helps your advertising as well. So, if your current website doesn’t support these two options, it’s almost like you don’t have a website at all!

  1. Online stores

Perhaps your website traffic is satisfactory, it posses the above mentioned options, but your business has been increased so much that your website needs new functions, such as e-commerce. This is one of the most demanded options today, because thanks to the electronic cards and courier services, online shopping can be performed quickly and easier than a visit to the physical store.

These are only some of the services and options that are implemented or added when redeveloping a website. If you can not recognise what needs to be improved or what it is that hinders the popularity of your website, feel free to contact us for a consultation. After an in-depth analysis of your existing website and the competitors’ websites that are better positioned, we will present you a list of problems and how they need to be solved.

By refreshing you „ID card“, you show your existing and potential customers that you care of all the details and strive to provide them with the best experience possible, allowing them to access your website simply and to navigate through it easily.