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For us, this is No 1 as we also have another business (www.serenebathrooms.com) and have been taken to the cleaners by other SEO companies 3 times. When we started offering SEO as a service, we felt that this was the single most important thing that we would be looking for in an SEO company based on our own experience. Too often the reports were vague, or we had no reports at all and these companies were not open about what they were doing on and off-site. We, however, are completely open with everything we do – we let you know how many links we’ve added, what the links are, let you know and see all the onsite work we do etc…



We work with you from the outset to discuss what your strategy is, we build customer templates of your perfect clients and then match these with your ideal keywords. We also employ a professional keyword analyser to determine not only which keywords will perform on Google best but that will also be the most profitable for you.


Monthly Meetings

We hold monthly meetings which will comprise of either face-to-face (we visit you), Skype Video Conference or Telephone Call, whichever is best for you or a mix of all three. The purpose of this is to not only make sure that we are all heading in the right direction but that you also know what we are doing and we are up-to-date with your current marketing. We also discuss ideas for next month’s blogs etc… You can hold us accountable for work done and progress made.


Social Media

Our SEO work includes extensive social media work on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram. Not only does this help you to ‘own your space’ but we have techniques including competitions etc.. for creating large amounts of activity on your social accounts which in turn creates a lot of ‘social signals’ which we have found when used correctly, have a fantastic benefit to your SEO. See an example of a recent competition we have done on Twitter (nearly 900 retweets, over 500 replies and over 350 likes, and this tweet has a link back to the website, so you can imagine the number of social signals this has sent Google, and this has a massive effect).


Local SEO

We do a massive amount of work on local SEO including Videos and Image Geotagging which in turn helps authority massively for National SEO as well.



Incredibly High Authority Links

We have been working with some top bloggers and other high authority companies within the SEO industry for a while now and have been able to grow an excellent network of contacts which allows us to be able to place links on sites with authority that other SEO companies can only dream of! In the last 2 months alone we have had links for our clients placed on Forbes, The Huffington Post & Reuters to name a few!


Press Releases

We engage pro-actively with the press and do regular press releases which not only result in a good number of high-quality links being placed but also we have found this helps to generate a good amount of relevant traffic.


On-Site Work

We employ professional consultants to go through your site with a fine tooth comb (figuratively speaking!) and highlight any areas that can be changed, tweaked or added to benefit the overall SEO. This can include things such as site speed, link placement, category placement and a whole lot more.



Content is a huge part of SEO and we do a minimum of three professionally written blogs per month, each with a minimum 2000 words and also includes images. You can see examples of some blogs we have done here:  https://flyusanywhere.com/travelblog/

Free Complete Website Audit

Get a free website audit by hitting the button below. Got questions? Why not give us a call to discuss? One of our friendly staff will happily chat over the finer points of search engine optimisation with you. Wondering whether your market is suitable or will give any return-on-investment from an SEO campaign? These are all things we discuss on a daily basis.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be quite daunting and we"re here to make it as easy as possible for you.

With our open and honest approach to what we do, we meet our clients face to face to find out as much as we can about your business before we discuss strategy.

We offer a completely bespoke and highly targeted service, tailored specifically to your business as we know that this is the only way that works properly. To build your website"s authority and rankings, there is no magic bullet or easy route but with a determined and methodical approach, we achieve the goals that we set together.