Organic search is undeniably the marketing channel that is the most valuable out there, making search engine optimization incredibly important. It doesn’t matter what size your company is, you need SEO. Whether you are a small business or a large, global operation, you need SEO.

If there are people out there searching for information using a search engine that is relevant in any way to your business, website, services or products – you need to be searchable. If you are not there, you are missing out on a huge share of the market that could be yours with some simple SEO tactics. Google Search Engine Optimastion

There are, however, still people out there, perhaps you are reading this post, who do not fully appreciate the value of SEO. Some find it hard to justify the expense, the effort and time needed to formularize and put into action a proper SEO strategy.

If you are in any doubt of how important SEO is, you only need to look at some of the statistics there are out there related to Google, organic traffic, how much the industry spends on it and the value to see its importance. In the following article, we will discuss some of the most interesting of these statistics in the hope of highlighting just how necessary SEO is to the success of your business.

Statistics Related to Google

If you don’t think it’s important to rank on Google particularly, if you think it doesn’t really matter which search engine you work hard to rank on or if you are skeptical about the whole thing in general, you might want to consider some of the following statistics. All of these are related to Google.

For instance, it is thought that an incredible 1 billion people use Google to search for things online, every month. That’s right, not just every year, or even every quarter, every single month.

SEO Facts and StatsTo look at that number in even deeper terms, every month there is around 40 to 60 billion searches happening. When you consider the fact that Google is thought to have a market share of around 81%, it is a lot clearer why so many marketers and companies put a lot of stock on ranking on Google over other search engines.

Now, look at it from a different point of view. It is thought that in 2016, there were over 130 trillion web pages online that Google knew about. That’ a lot of websites and individual pages and although your particular business is unlikely to be up against competition of that much, it is still sobering to think when you put a website or any content up, from the 3 trillion up there already, you will have competition.

Consider this figure also – the number of searches that result in an organic click from a desktop user on a computer of some kind is over 60%. When you compare that to the 35% that accounts for no clicks at all and the dismal 2.8% that result in a paid click, it’s even clearer just how important SEO and organic searches are for business growth and increased exposure.

Attitude of Businesses to SEO – Spending and Value

Is everyone really spending a lot on SEO these days? Well according to figures in 2016 reported by Borrell Associates, companies spent collectively $65 billion on SEO in that year alone. It has been forecasted that agencies and brands in the US will spend around $72.02 billion on SEO throughout 2018. So, yes, SEO is big business and still an ongoing concern.

Now although as a business you may find link building to be one of your least favorite tasks, it is worth knowing that you are not alone. Over 41% of the largest companies out there consider it to be the trickiest tactic for improving SEOSEO Link building plan

Yet, if you do want to have success at link-building and you are producing your own content, the number of words each of your posts should have should be over the 1000-word count, because these are the kind of posts that get the most links and shares. People are less interested in shorter form articles and want deep, in-depth and informative pieces.

Now although as a business you may find link building to be one of your least favorite tasks, it is worth knowing that you are not alone.

Statistics Related to How Users Are Searching Online

Obviously, desktop computers are not the only way people access the internet and Google. In fact, around 51.3% of the world’s internet users do so, using tablets and smartphones, while only 48.7% are now using desktop computers.

Of all the active internet users in the US, 15% carried out at one and often even more searches in a day, while 45% carried out one in a week. To benefit from these statistics, therefore, you need to have a robust and adaptable SEO strategy. Further evidence of the importance of SEO. Mobile phone users

Just because people are making those searches, we hear you say, it doesn’t mean they are doing anything about them, does it? Well actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as statistics show that around 39% of all people who bought various services or products online were actually influenced by the results of a search they carried out using search engines.

SEO can be a difficult thing to get right, no-one is going to argue with that, but it is ultimately something that you need to invest in, not only in terms of money but also time and energy. We hope we have shown clear evidence and proof that this is the case, with the statistics above. If you are struggling with SEO, you may have to invest in the services and products of an SEO agency that knows what they are doing, if you don’t, your business will not have a chance of surviving online.