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SEO Bedford

Search Engine Optimisation

Serene Media is a Nationwide reputable SEO company based in Bedford that will improve the ranking of your website in search results on Google and other search engines. We help you generate more business from your website not only through extra traffic but also by optimizing your website pages for conversion to achieve maximum ROI. We are associated with some of the UK’s most exciting brands and committed to delivering the most effective result from organic search for your business.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be quite daunting and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you.

With our open and honest approach to what we do, we meet our clients face to face to find out as much as we can about your business before we discuss strategy.

We offer a completely bespoke and highly targeted service, tailored specifically to your business as we know that this is the only way that works properly. To build your website’s authority and rankings, there is no magic bullet or easy route but with a determined and methodical approach, we achieve the goals that we set together.

SEO IN 2021

What’s involved in search engine optimisation in today’s marketplace? Let’s be clear – SEO is very different today than it was even two years ago. Old methods that used to work are now frowned upon by Google and can even get your site a penalty which means that your rankings will drop out of sight. Worried? There’s no need to be. As long as you play by the rules, there’s nothing to worry about. There is also, however, a lot of new things to consider. A few of these are:

  1. Google RankBrain:  Recently, Google announced that RankBrain was their third most important ranking factor. In the few months, it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the 3rd most important signal contributing to the result of a search query. And as Google continues to improve its algorithm, RankBrain is going to become even MORE important in 2021. RankBrain is basically AI taking over human moderators at Googles HQ, meaning that longer keywords no longer work. Essentially, if you type in ‘Petrol Lawnmower for grass’ or Gas mower for large lawns’ Google is now clever enough to know that these two search terms are almost the same and will show the same or very similar results
  2. Click-Through Rate:  Since 2015, an independent study found that organic click-through rate is down 37%. This is mostly down to Google crowding out the page with paid adverts, leaving less room for organic results. It is therefore extremely important that your listing stands out as RankBrain does also take into account click-through rates.
  3. Comprehensive Content: Gone are the good old days where you could stuff a page full of keywords and watch it rank. Not only is Title tag, URL, Image Alt Text, Description Tag & H1 Tags still important but Google is also now not only measuring content but focusing on context. Comprehensive pages with lots of useful and informative text (such as this page about Bedford SEO) and images now rank much better.
  4. Mobile-First Index:  Mobile users now account for 60% of online searches and with this in mind, Google announced last year that it will consider mobile pages first when optimising. This move hasn’t happened yet but will happen anytime soon, so you must make sure that your site is not only optimised for mobile but that it is easy to use otherwise your click-through rate will drop like a stone.

In this video of Google Search News, John Mueller goes over the latest developments in the Google Search world, 2021.


For us, this is No 1. We had another business ( that we sold in 2018 and we had some really bad experiences with SEO agencies. We decided to bring the search engine optimisation work in-house and because the results were so good, we started getting other companies we knew, asking us to do their SEO work for them as well. Serene Media was born!

Because of the trust issues we’d had with other SEO agencies, when we started offering SEO as a service, we felt that this was the single most important thing that we would be looking for in an SEO company in Bedford based on our own experience. Too often the reports were vague, or we had no reports at all and these companies were not open about what they were doing on and off-site. We, however, are completely open with everything we do – we let you know how many links we’ve added, what the links are, let you know and see all the onsite work we do etc…


We work with you from the outset to discuss what your strategy is, we build customer templates of your perfect clients and then match these with your ideal keywords. We also employ a professional keyword analyser to determine not only which keywords will perform on Google best but that will also be the most profitable for you.

Social Media

Our SEO work includes extensive social media work on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram. Not only does this help you to ‘own your space’ but we have techniques including competitions etc.. for creating large amounts of activity on your social accounts which in turn creates a lot of ‘social signals’ which we have found when used correctly, have a fantastic benefit to your SEO

Local SEO

We do a massive amount of work on local SEO including Videos and Image Geotagging which in turn helps authority massively for National SEO as well. Search terms such as your service, followed by the name of your city (for example, SEO Bedford) can help to generate a large amount of business.

Incredibly High Authority Links

We have been working with some top bloggers and other high authority companies within the SEO industry for a while now and have been able to grow an excellent network of contacts which allows us to be able to place links on sites with authority that other SEO companies can only dream of! In the last 2 months alone we have had links for our clients placed on Forbes, The Huffington Post & Reuters to name a few!

Press Releases

We engage pro-actively with the press and do regular press releases which not only result in a good number of high-quality links being placed but also we have found this helps to generate a good amount of relevant traffic.

On-Site Work

We employ professional consultants to go through your site with a fine-tooth comb (figuratively speaking!) and highlight any areas that can be changed, tweaked or added to benefit the overall SEO. This can include things such as site speed, link placement, category placement and a whole lot more.


Content is a huge part of SEO and we do a minimum of three professionally written blogs per month, each with a minimum 2000 words and also includes images. Our in-house wordsmiths will intelligently create articles that are highly relevant to your business, with the power to make dramatic increases to your rankings. You can see examples of some blogs we have done here: Flyusanywhere Travel Blog

Free Complete Website Audit

Get a free website audit by hitting the button below. Got questions? Why not give us a call to discuss? One of our friendly staff will happily chat over the finer points of search engine optimisation with you. Wondering whether your market is suitable or will give any return-on-investment from an SEO campaign? These are all things we discuss on a daily basis.