“Applying our Renaissance touch in the broader areas of Air Bus company jet cabins is the beginning of a thrilling new venture for us”

Airbus Corporate Jets along with the Italian hypercar Atelier Pagani Automobili are bringing to the world a brand-new styling for the ACJ319neo Airplane  which they have named the Infinito, to create the ultimate private jet which they are showcasing at the EBACE exhibition.

What You Get Inside

An awesome new idea of the Infinito cabin area is what they call the sky ceiling, which is a bit like a panoramic roof that you get on cars but fitted into the body of this incredible aircraft as a screen to bring live views of the sky or show other images. 

This creates an incredible feeling of space (in both meanings of the word…) and a unique feeling of freedom. Art and Science can walk together hand in hand: this is the Pagani philosophy. The mixture of state-of-the-art composite components that have never been employed within an aircraft before , as well as the common style language of Pagani Automobili has represented their signature. “Applying our Renaissance touch in the broader areas of Air Bus company jet cabins is the beginning of a thrilling new venture for us”, states Horacio Pagani, founder & Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili SpA.


The Airbus ACJ320 Family currently has the widest and tallest company jet cabin, while being comparable in dimensions externally with its other planes, and the Infinito builds on this for an even more extreme passenger-satisfying experience.

“Combining the finest of the super-car and company jet worlds, we allow a stylish and seamless transition for clients of both, while bringing a brand new approach to cabin layout and fulfilling extremely demanding requirements”, claims Airbus Corporate Jets Managing Director Benoit Defforge.

Pagani style group developed the original Infinito style, including its look and feel, while Airbus Company Jets designers contributed their expertise in aircraft design and compatibility. Curves inspired naturally kind a pathway through the cabin, as well as featuring in the shell-shaped valances and partitions between zones including one between lounge and meeting locations, which switches from opaque to clear in the touch of a button.

The internal decor is similar to that gracing the fantastic Pagani hyper-cars, with bespoke wood flooring along with leather carpets contrasting with man-made carbon-fibre in-wall and furniture -frames – echoing the mixture of science and artwork espoused by Leonardo DaVinci. Sculpted steel characteristics, mirroring these identified in Pagani hyper cars, feature in gentle-fittings and other particulars, while LED’s permit beautiful ambiances.

Support Network To Keep You In The Air

Airbus has a large array of enterprise jets, and included in the family is the new ACJ319neo, that will fly eight travelers 6,750 nm/1 2,500 km or 15 hrs, and the ACJ320neo which will transport 25 travellers 6,000 nm/1 1,100 km, or 13 hrs, and also the ACJ350 XWB which will carry 25 passengers 1,800 nm/2-0,000 km or 2-2 hrs in its ultra-long range edition.

Airbus supports more than 500 air-line and private jet customers worldwide and has one of the biggest service and support networks in the world.

So if you’re looking for a way to travel the world in style, then look no further. Not for the faint-hearted, this jet will set you apart in the ultra-competitive world of the super-rich.