Pinterest never misses in any of the top 10 social media apps that businesses can leverage on. However, this is not the case for most businesses. A quick look at most social toolbars on different websites will primarily have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram but will rarely have Pinterest. Although Pinterest is a powerful social media tool, we wanted to ask the question – Is Pinterest underestimated for business?   With Pinterest, you have a pinboard that’s online that lets you create boards around your business, products or any other messaging that you’d want to share with your followers.  Pinterest has against all odds proved how much of a visual society we’ve become. Rated among the first standalone social media site to get to 10 million unique visitors monthly, it now has a ‘Buy’ button on the product pins posted by different retailers.

The over 150 million global users on Pinterest have up to date pinned more than 50 billion images. In fact, research has shown that 93% of users on Pinterest, have used it to buy something or come up with a plan. Additionally, 72% of users have made a purchase of something from an actual shop after seeing the ad on the app. Its use on mobile is also at an all-time high making it easily accessible to most people. Statistics for mobile usage vs. desktop now stand at around 51.3% for mobile and 48.7% for desktop. This means that most traffic to most websites came from users browsing the web using their smartphones. This is definitely a win for Pinterest with 64% of its users having made a purchase of something through their mobile while on the move or doing some other task. Massive shopping decisions are being made through the use of Pinterest.

Most people using Pinterest view it as a personal tool more than a social one. As such, most people who go to Pinterest go there to find stuff they are interested in. They are at a point where they are in search of products or brands that can help improve their lives. They are literally putting themselves out there and showing brands what it is they love and are after. This makes it a powerful tool for marketing any business or product. Using demographics and psychographics, you can market your brand to your defined audience and increase your sales. Pinterest lets you add direct links to services or products offered each time you Pin a photo or image. The advantage of this is that every time any of your followers’ shares or re-pins any of your pins – whether your gallery or image – the links are also shared. This, in turn, generates direct traffic to your website.

Just like other social media platforms allow you to have a personal or business account, the same applies to Pinterest. It’s important to have your brand use a business account and not personal one as there are plenty of benefits that your brand will get from a business account vis-a-vis a personal one. The added perks your business account come with:

  1. Terms of service

Although most of the policies for your business account also apply to a personal account, the main difference is that you are using the account for commercial purposes and as such there are certain guidelines that you need to adhere to. These guidelines are formulated to help you with the choice of language, product shots and Pinterest badge.

  1. Useful marketing materials for your business

It’s one thing for a product that wants to help your business succeed to offer you a platform to achieve your goals and still, go an extra mile and give you educational content that helps you leverage the use of the site. Pinterest is that product. They are not only interested in your money but are also interested in sharing how best your brand can maximise the full potential when it comes to social media marketing.

  1. Analytics

Being able to analyse trends on any social media platform and know what content is key is very crucial for every business. After all, who wants to invest money and not get the return on investment? Once your business signs up on Pinterest, you will be able to receive useful tracking information. The tracking information is to help your business benefit when it comes to marketing. Information shared includes strategies and content that have worked which will help your brand improve on the existing marketing strategies that you’ve come up with.

  1. Settings

Unlike the personal account where you have to input your first and last name, your business account has a different formula for you to put in your name. This simply gives your brand a more professional look that you probably wouldn’t have gotten from a personal account.

  1. Rich Pins

There are four different types of Rich Pins currently available on Pinterest; app, product, recipe and article. Rich Pins allow your brand to Pin items that give more background to your ideas. It allows you to share more information on your Pin than a normal Pin would allow you.

  1. Product Pins – these Pins makes it much easier for your followers to buy your products making it a must have for businesses. With the Product Pin, your followers are able to know of the availability of your products, the real-time price and where it is exactly they can be able to buy them.
  2. Article Pins – they let Pinners save articles that they find interesting and would want to read later or refer to. The Article Pins usually contain a short description of the story, the headline and article author.
  3. App Pins – most app developers want a way to attract people to download their apps. This is what the App Pin lets you do. Pinners can easily download an app while they are still on Pinterest. This enhances the user experience as one doesn’t have to leave Pinterest to download the app then get back. However, the App Pin is currently only compatible with IOS.
  4. Recipe Pins – if you are a Chef or your brand is in the recipe business, then you need to be on Pinterest. Being there is just not enough, you need to use the Recipe Pin. This Pin gives your brand the ability to share your recipe – ingredients, the best time to cook and the number of servings of each recipe – with your followers.
  5. New tools

In a bid to be the best and to stay on top, Pinterest will develop more tools that can enable brands and businesses make better use of their business accounts. Once developed, businesses will be able to fully get the best out of their business accounts.


Is Pinterest Underestimated for Business?

Generally, people need to be able to search for your content. If they don’t, it means no one sees it, and your brand could be missing out on potential sales leads. Before your team of Pinners start Pinning, it’s important to understand the culture and how Pinterest works. If in the course of using Pinterest your brand makes a mistake, learn from it and improve on your strategy. Learn about the most popular categories by gender and find the boards that will work for your brand. Not every category will help you achieve what you want. Additionally, making use of clear images helps your Pins become popular. The top Pinterest’s Pins are popular simply because:

  • They use images that are clear and of very high resolution, professional and appeal to the eye
  • They make use of images that are lighter and not darker – images that are clear and lighter get more re-pins than other images
  • Use simple photos that communicate the message
  • If possible, use images without faces as they get 23% more re-pins than images that show face

To get the best out of your pin, ensure that your image size is neither too big (gives it a blur look) or too small. Any Pin your brand posts will have the same width and an unlimited length with that of any other business. As a brand, it’s advisable to find a size that works best for you and stick to it as long as it’s helping your Pins get noticed and creating engagements for your business. Pins that have infographics on DIY or how to do things also give more traction and should be fully leveraged on. Moreover, for the infographics with the mentioned content, you can play around with the length to make it clear. The clearer your Pins are the more attractive they will be to your audience. The more engagement you get from your audience or followers, the more they are likely to buy from your brand or drive traffic to your website.

So, how can businesses use Pinterest to market themselves?

  • Sign up for a Pinterest business account and ensure that you get a Pinterest Rich Pin that gives you the opportunity to add extra details on their pinned posts.
  • Sharing stories, short videos or photos of how your business operates – a behind the scene kind of thing.
  • Designing images that are attractive and powerful and speak to your audience or brand
  • Being consistent in your message which needs to drive the agenda of your business and what it stands for.
  • Having a clear understanding of how Pinterest works and what kind of content your followers or audience react to the most. This helps when planning what to share on your board and getting the best out of your every spending.
  • Ensuring that your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is top notch. Additionally, analysing the most searched for keywords when it comes to your business can give you that upper hand over your competitors.
  • Add Pinterest as a social toolbar on your website.
  • Create engaging Pins to allow for interactions with your audience and to gain new followers.
  • Post frequently – your audience need to keep seeing that you are active for them to interact and engage with your brand. Posting once in a blue moon will not help you attract your audience or gain new followers.
  • Ensure you respond to comments from your audience – whether they are followers or not – this helps build the trust with your audience and give them the information they seek which can be a lead generator for your business.
  • Comment on your follower’s boards too. Engagements is a two-way traffic. By doing this, your brand will also be visible to their followers which can gain your brand more followers.
  • Ensure your brand follows and engages with popular brands – this way your brand can learn from the boards that have massive followers.
  • Connect other social media sites that your brand is on to your Pinterest account. This way, your followers on other social media channels can easily find and follow you on Pinterest.

Optimising your Pins for re-pins and engagement

Analysing data from every Pin your brand makes can help you get great insights into not only the buying habits of your audience but also more data on their usage of Pinterest. These include:

  1. Ideal time to Pin

The best times to share Pins vary depending on your location. Analysing the trends of your followers and what time they engage more with your Pins can help your brand establish the best times to post and leverage on it for better results.

  1. Make better use of your site

Besides adding a social toolbar for Pinterest on your website as we’d earlier mentioned, you can choose to Pin one of the images on your site. People browsing through your site can easily get your Pinterest account. Making it painless to Pin content from your website also gives your brand an upper hand.

  1. Connect your Pinterest to other social media platforms

You have already gained a massive number of followers on Twitter and Facebook hence you don’t need to start from scratch just because you opened a Pinterest account. Pinterest allows its users who own a business account to connect it with other social media platforms easily. This is a sure way to get followers without having to spend a lot on marketing.

  1. Share your Pins

Most businesses send newsletter either on a weekly or monthly basis. As a brand, you can share your Pins in your newsletters to help direct people to your account and generate traffic.

Pinterest is a very suitable platform for your business and brands should not be scared to get an account and leverage on the benefits that come with it. For social media management and other services, check out what we offer here: