Is Nintendo better than PS4?

Introduction: I’ve been playing video games since the Atari 2600. I was thrilled when that system came out, and even more thrilled when my friends bought one and showed it off to us. I’d never …


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I’ve been playing video games since the Atari 2600. I was thrilled when that system came out, and even more thrilled when my friends bought one and showed it off to us. I’d never seen anything like it before! The graphics were amazing, the gameplay was innovative and fun, but most importantly—it was just plain cool: there were no batteries or cords to deal with (no HDMI cables are so much simpler!), and you could play your games anywhere in your house without worrying about the TV being too far away from the couch (so long as you didn’t want to watch Netflix while playing). But then came along Sony’s Playstation 2 with its revolutionary online gaming capabilities…and things got complicated again!

Nintendo has the better games.

As a long-time Nintendo fan, I can tell you that the company has a better selection of games than Sony. There are so many great titles on their list that it’s hard to choose just one. The Super Mario series began as an arcade game and has only gotten better over time; there are so many different locations to play in each new title that it feels like playing a different game every time you play one. And while some people may not like the fact that they don’t get all those new titles until years after they come out (like those who bought an Xbox One), at least we know they’re going to be great!

When it comes down to it though—and this is where things get tricky—Nintendo has made more creative games than Sony over its entire lifespan as well as having been around longer with technology advancements in gaming since 1994 when Sega launched its Dreamcast system which could play both games developed for Sony’s PlayStation 2 console but also other third party titles from publishers such as EA Sports’ FIFA series which eventually became popular among American sports fans due largely thanks these types  of games being available via download services like Steam.”

Nintendo is more creative.

When it comes to innovation, Nintendo has a much better track record than Sony. While they’re both doing their best to make games that are fun and exciting, the way Nintendo approaches its hardware is more creative.

For example, Nintendo makes its own controllers and accessories that are designed specifically for each game console in order to make it easier for developers to create new games with these devices in mind (like Wiimotes). On top of that, they also have dedicated platforms like Wii U where people can play together as well as special editions such as Super Mario Odyssey which come with features like motion controls or shared experiences between friends who are playing on different systems at the same time!

Nintendo makes a better experience.

Nintendo makes a better experience.

When it comes to games, the Wii U is the poorer cousin of its younger sibling. The console’s library is smaller and more diverse than Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems in there. Nintendo’s titles are often quirky and inventive, with several memorable titles like Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (a 3D game where you play as a ghost) or Super Mario Odyssey (a platformer where you play as Mario but also have to solve puzzles).

The NES Classic Mini is ace.

The NES Classic Mini is a great console. It’s well-designed, affordable, and easy to use. It has a good selection of games that you can play on your TV screen or download from the cloud so you don’t have to worry about taking them with you when visiting friends and family who might not have an internet connection at home.

If you’re looking for a gift that will keep kids entertained while allowing them access to classic video games then this could be just what they need!

Wii U is the ultimate party console.

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If you’re looking for the best party console, Nintendo’s Wii U is your best bet. With its excellent motion controls and games that can be played with up to eight people at once, it’s no wonder that this system has become so popular among gamers and non-gamers alike. While many consoles are designed for solo play or single-player experiences, the Wii U was built from the ground up with multiplayer in mind—and it shows. The entire console comes preloaded with plenty of titles specifically tailored for multiplayer fun: Mario Kart 8: Double Dash! (which includes local split-screen mode), Splatoon (a unique shooter game) and Super Smash Bros., which allows players to fight against each other using their favorite Nintendo characters like Link or Pikachu. If you have more than one person who wants to play together on one TV screen but not simultaneously then Wii U has something called a “local split screen” where two players can connect together via Ethernet cable directly into a second television set connected via HDMI cable instead of streaming over wifi network connection available through an internet connection.

Nintendo has the best hardware.

But Nintendo’s hardware is better than PS4’s, too. Nintendo has the best hardware because it’s more durable and reliable, which means you won’t have to worry about your console breaking down in the middle of a game (or worse, losing all your saved data). It also makes games more fun because they run smoother and look better on the screen. And finally—and this might be my favorite part—Nintendo makes some of the most innovative controllers for their consoles! The joycons are what made me fall in love with Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros., but there are other controllers from them as well (like amiibo) that I use regularly every day without fail.

Nintendo is, without a doubt, the superior console manufacturer.

Nintendo is, without a doubt, the superior console manufacturer. Their games are perfect for any occasion—they’re fun and easy to pick up and play whenever you have time to kill. The hardware they make is also second-to-none; it’s comfortable to hold in your hands and doesn’t feel like you’re holding an object that could potentially explode at any moment (like those PS4 controllers). And when it comes to making an experience? Well…Nintendo wins again! With its brand of creativity and innovation that hasn’t been seen since around 1993 (or maybe even earlier), they’re able to keep things fresh while still maintaining an affinity with its loyal fanbase over multiple generations of consoles throughout its existence as a company.

The NES Classic Mini ($79) only adds fuel to this fire by doing everything right: It’s small enough not to take up too much room on your shelf yet large enough so that everyone can get their hands on one if they want it badly enough; has all 30 games included with no need for extra purchases; has perfect controls thanks installments such as Super Mario World 2nd Quest ($20) where players get lost exploring ancient temples filled with puzzles designed specifically towards gamers who love exploration more than combat!


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