There’s no mention of Facebook without one tying the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to it. An idea that was brought forth from a dormitory room in Harvard University and has become one of the most essential tools for ‘survival’; whether socially or business wise. The social networking app was launched back in 2004 and started out as an app for the students in Harvard before it was opened to students from other universities.

Then, in September 2006, it was opened for everyone above the age of 13 years with a genuine email address. Facebook’s journey, as told by some of its employees, has been one of learning and developing tools that have not only created a global village but have helped businesses alike; from Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Tier One companies.

Facebook’s tool has helped many businesses see the light of day by giving them the opportunity to market themselves. It is no doubt therefore that Facebook has a colossal role in the advertising and marketing space and it’s no wonder that your local spa, hotel or coffee shop all have a Facebook page that allows them to interact with you and entice you with their products and goodies. Such is the reason why Facebook for business was founded; with over 1 billion users and an opportunity to target the right audience, Facebook has proven itself in the advertising sphere. The social networking app allows businesses alike to connect with their target audience through different tools.

Over the years Facebook has continued to grow and its growth has been so big that it hasn’t yet seen a genuine rival. And when a rival does brave this world, Facebook simply buys them out. Facebook marketing has been one of the best things that ever happened to organisations with little or no resources, whether human or financial capital. They have been able to leverage the tools that Facebook has made available to them and seen results. With effective Facebook management, businesses have been able to create more interactions with their customers, build brands, develop their businesses through advertising and so much more.

So, how did Facebook grow to become a powerful business tool? Their Facebook solutions. On average, people spend two hours on social media sites every single day, with teenagers an eye popping nine hours. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the majority of the social sites people spend time on are Facebook property. Additionally, most people will spend up to 50 minutes on Facebook’s property. As of September 2016, the number of Facebook users on both mobile and desktop stood at 1.18 billion people. But that’s just the start. As of July 2016, Facebook Messenger’s active monthly usage was at over 1 billion and an additional 600 million users on Instagram from statistics gathered in December 2016. Facebook has always provided the reach when it comes to marketing. Thus, with Facebook Ads, you are more likely to generate more leads online than you are putting up billboards.

Here are some of the tools developed by Facebook for the different businesses that has seen Facebook’s growth into a powerful business tool that is a must have:

Facebook Pages

The first thing any business will need is a Facebook page. A page is basically a profile on Facebook that is public and is created for celebrities, organisations, businesses, brands and other causes. More than 60 million business pages have been created on Facebook to date.  As such, Facebook for local businesses is more desirable for your business if you are starting out. With the right demographics, your ads will deliver. It’s been tried and tested. Additionally, it’s easy to set up a Facebook for business page. Try it out today and make your presence online felt, or contact us on 01767 640999 and we’ll take care of the process for you.

Pages Manager App

This tool was designed to help a Facebook admin of multiple pages be able to monitor the activities and performance of their different pages single-handedly. This they can do by selecting the respective page and responding to comments and messages, sharing posts and scheduling content for the consumption of their audience.

Page Insights

No one wants to spend money on marketing and not get a return on investment. This is where Facebook’s Page Insights comes in handy. Any Facebook business that uses Pages knows the importance of having an analytical tool that they can use to track their data. With Page Insights, you can see the reach of the content you share, your audience’s demographic, sections of your Page that they respond to most and the source of the Likes on your Page. This tool analyses all data on your Page allowing you to understand what content you can leverage to get more interactions from your audience.

Facebook Blueprint

The Facebook Blueprint solution is an online platform for learning that allows businesses to maximise their advertising on Facebook and get results from it. Local businesses using Facebook management in Bedfordshire need a Facebook Blueprint. Anyone with a Facebook account can access the over 50 available courses on Facebook Blueprint. The courses will not only equip your team with effective Facebook management tips, but will provide you with the necessary skills to help your business prosper.

Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences

Not all businesses target the same audience. Our audiences are defined by our products and our narrative. Facebook’s custom audience tool lets you set your own audience on your Page. It factors in the age, location, sex and so much more. Once you customise your audience, you can save it and always pick the same if you are targeting that particular audience, or create a new one. On the other hand, the lookalike audience gives you the ability to select an audience that has similar traits – age, location, interests and sex – with your customers or clients. With both, you can never miss the opportunity to place your brand at the centre of your audience’s attention.

Business Manager

The Business Manager solution is one of the most effective Facebook management tools for organisations that have a large online department team. It allows you to manage those with access to your businesses pages and ad accounts. You can change the rights you have given them or remove them as admins. Importantly, it’s a free-to-use tool that allows you the right to keep your work separate. It does this by keeping your log in details separately from your coworkers – hence there’s no need to add each other as friends to get your work done.

Instagram Ads

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion US dollars. Instagram, an app that was designed mainly for sharing of photos, has over 600 million active users. A couple of pessimists wrote articles on how bad an investment choice Facebook had made. Five years down the line, Instagram Ads is one of the most crucial apps that businesses can take advantage of to grow their businesses. Businesses are able to manage and purchase Instagram Ads through the Power Editor or the Facebook Ads Manager.

Ads Manager

Facebook management in Bedfordshire wouldn’t be nearly as effective without Facebook’s Ads Manager. The Ads Manager not only allows you to manage your ads but to measure them as well to see how effective they were. With this tool, you are able to look at each ad you are running and see what is working and what isn’t. You can also check if your ad experienced any sudden changes and whether there are any actions that you need to take. You are able to edit, pause, cancel, resume or delete an ad too.


Most brands or organisations using Facebook for local business are on Messenger. This social app allows users to chat privately with you and video call. Additionally, you can also have a group chat. Businesses have embraced the tool allowing them to conveniently have private chats with their customers when necessary. Most customers use Messenger to privately contact the organisations or brands they follow in case they have challenges or need support. Besides, Facebook has continuously developed the tool to allow for more interactions such as messenger greetings that businesses can customise for their clients.

Page Like Ads and Clicks to Website Ads

You can have a large following on Facebook, but at least a proportion of them may actually be the wrong audience and not your target market. In a bid to get your business the right audience, Facebook’s page Like and Click on website ads allow you to get Likes on your page that are mainly from your audience. This you can do by customizing your ad to your defined audience. If your business is online and you need to generate more traffic for your website, the clicks to website ads has got you covered.

Ads Unit

To be able to manage and run any Facebook for business page, you must be able to make use of the different ad units that Facebook has; Canvas Ads, Lead Ads and Dynamic Ads among many others. While the Canvas Ads give your business the ability to create attractive multimedia advertisements using the Canvas app, the Lead Ads allow you to generate leads by getting contacts from those interested in your business. With the contact information, you can then proceed to email or call them. On the other hand, the Dynamic Ads lets you promote relevant content or products to people who have browsed your website.

Facebook Live

Facebook has proved beyond doubt that it has and continues to cater to the needs of its audience. With the launch of Facebook Live in 2015, organisations and brands have used the tool to launch products or support a cause. Additionally, media houses haven’t been left behind in embracing this technology. The tool comes with a live chat on the comment section thus allowing businesses to interact with their consumers. If your local business page on Facebook is looking to build awareness, Facebook Live is one sure way to promote and educate people on your cause.

No other paid channel will be able to generate more leads for your business than Facebook. However, for this to happen, your team will need to be fully equipped and come up with a strategy for execution. If you are worried that your dedicated team for Facebook management in Bedfordshire isn’t getting you the results your business needs to grow, it might be that the strategies put in place aren’t as effective as you expected. Even though it’s important to see results immediately, businesses need to remember that, as cliched as it is, Rome wasn’t built in a day. More and more people are using the internet through their mobile phones. A clear indicator that one, everything is moving online and your business need to be online and two, for the two hours per day the average person spends online on social sites, 50 minutes out of those are spent on a Facebook property. It might just be what your business needs to drive growth and get results.


With all the available tools that are already in existence and the undeniable success of Facebook advertising; with more in development by Facebook too, your business has no absolute business not being on Facebook. People have been able to earn from their online businesses at the click of a button and work comfortably from wherever they are as long as they have internet. As your business lags behind, there are thousands of purchases being made online and businesses receiving the best star ratings giving them the much-needed confidence and trustworthiness among their customers. With effective tools such as the Facebook Blueprint, Facebook management has never been this easy.

By providing the much-needed tools for businesses of all kinds, Facebook has all over the years instilled the fear of missing out in business, hence its growth into a powerful business tool. Additionally, the fact that they have been able to provide solutions to small to medium sized organisations and helped cut costs whilst at the same time increase revenue has it top the list of every business that is out there.