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IT For Children With Autism
July 20, 2019

Autism is a condition that is often misunderstood and make it difficult to deal with. With life becoming more and busier,…

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Best Books About Autism On Kindle
July 19, 2019

Autism is a rather complex condition characterized by social interaction, communication, sensory, and behaviour sensitivities. Individuals suffering from autism often have…

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autism technology
Technology for Autism
June 5, 2019

1 in every 68 children born in the United States of America will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This…

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Best Tech Products Out Now for Autism
June 3, 2019

Ask anyone with a child on the autism spectrum, and they’ll tell you how hard it can be for their children…

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How Charities Such as Dementia UK Use Social Media to Raise Awareness
May 13, 2019

Dementia refers to a condition in which a person’s brain function deteriorates resulting in the loss of memory and ability to…

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Dementia Simulation Apps
May 2, 2019

What is dementia and simulation apps? Dementia is a degenerative disease that results in the impairment of human cognitive functions…

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The Benefits of Online Training in The Healthcare Industry
April 16, 2019

What Is Online Training? Some people refer to it as e-learning, distance learning or computer-based training.  Regardless of what you call…

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Dr Justin Bharat Talks About Using VR For Healthcare Training
April 8, 2019

Healthcare training plays a vital role today, and there are many ways of achieving this, but as technology advances, there is…

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Tech Products for Dementia Sufferers
March 24, 2019

Before we look into what tech products are suitable for people living with dementia, let’s start by taking a look at…

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