Ask anyone with a child on the autism spectrum, and they’ll tell you how hard it can be for their children to cope and communicate with them or anyone around them. And while you might think that there is nothing that can help ease your child’s frustration, that’s not the case.

Today, technological advancements are being made that are proving to be very beneficial to people living with different disorders, autism included. Besides, as a parent or caregiver, you want to give your child every tool that can make their life a lot easier. Technology is helping change how autistic children communicate, socialize, and play. This gives them an opportunity to live a happy life, just like other children.

In this article, we will look at some of the best tech products that you can get in the market today for your autistic child. If you are interested in learning more about Autism, here at Serene Media we offer an online Autism Awareness course.

For some of the best technology available right now, check out the list below.


  1. Synchrony

Synchrony, the first device on our list, is a device that looks like a drum and enables those living with autism to communicate through music. Synchrony is the perfect device for kids that love music but struggle whenever a bad note is played. This is because the device only plays calming notes that kids can use to communicate through harmonic melodies.


  1. Smartstones Touch

The Smartstones Touch is another tech product that is good for autistic kids. It is a handheld device that has to be connected to a mobile app. The device makes it possible for the user to choose between words and phrases that have been pre-programmed. These words or phrases are then played out aloud. Smartstones Touch is the perfect device for autistic children who are non-verbal and struggle with communicating their feelings in words.


  1. Proloquo4Text

The Proloquo4Text device works in a similar sense as the Smartstones Touch device. However, it’s not a handheld device like the Smartstones Touch. Instead, it functions fully on a mobile app where the user can type in what they want as well as their thoughts. These thoughts and wants are then played out loud for the caregiver to hear. The users are also able to select phrases that are pre-programmed and that the user frequently uses. Find out more here:



  1. Leka

Fourth on our list is the Leka device. Leka is a robotic device that helps make kids more autonomous. The tiny device has a very lovable face that comes with various expressions. This Leka device has a wide array of games that can help a child improve their communication and cognitive skills. Most parents who have bought the Leka device for their children say their children have responded quite well to it, and it has helped better the life of their autistic child. Find out more about the Leka here:


  1. Skoog

Skoog is another device that is both easy to set up and use. Skoog uses music as a medium for communication. It comes with an adjustable handheld device for different levels of sensitivity. This feature makes it possible for you to customize the device to suit your child’s specific needs. It also works pretty well for people living with other types of disabilities. Find out more about Skoog here:


  1. Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket is a lot more different from other products that we have listed in our review. However, its usefulness cannot be denied. Our review mainly focusses on innovations that help improve the motor and communicative abilities of autistic kids through a technological piece such as an app or robot. While some people may consider weighted blankets as less impressive, that isn’t the case.

This is because they have the ability to help calm people who suffer from anxiety or frequent meltdowns. The blanket’s weight enables the brain to produce endorphins and serotonin that help calm the user. Because of how simple this concept is, some people may tend to overlook the extreme benefits that weighted blankets have when it comes to it being a solution to any form of emotional distress.

You can buy weighted blankets, available in different weights here: 

weighted blanket


  1. Cumulus Headphones

Overstimulated senses can be quite troublesome to people living with autism. But the Cumulus Headphones aid in isolating noise. These headphones have three different functions – noise cancellation, playing music, and isolation of speech.

These functions make these headphones an important asset for an autistic child to have, especially in crowded areas such as airports, stores, or hospitals. Because of how they are built, you could have your kid wear these, and you won’t have to worry that your child will be overstimulated by all the commotion in the place you are in which makes it easy to go out with your child.


  1. BuddyTag

The BuddyTag is another great device that you can get for your autistic child. It’s a Bluetooth tracking device that you can have your kid wear on their wrist whenever they have to leave the house. You will simply need to strap it on their wrist before they head out and it’ll warn you in case they wander out of the known area.

It’s discreet because it looks a lot like a wristwatch and features a Velcro band or terry cloth so that it comfortably fits your child. The device has an app that lets you keep track of your kid using your smartphone or tablet. Find out more here:


Final Thoughts

Parents who have autistic children can find it hard trying to have their children communicate with not just themselves and close family but with the world around them. This is pretty much the case for parents with nonverbal kids who are unable to communicate their needs and thoughts verbally no matter what. However, we live in a world that is very advanced technologically.

Innovators are working round the clock to find the best solutions for people who live with autism by creating technologies that can help them communicate and socialize with their surrounding environment. While we have focused on eight tech products that you can consider getting for your child, there are a lot more options that are available seeing that innovation is an ongoing process and each day there is a new device that is launched into the market. We hope that you find something that you can incorporate in your child’s life to help improve their communication.