Are you a visitor in Bedford and looking for activities or places to visit? Are your friends visiting from a different area, and you have no plan on what activities to engage them in over the long weekend? If you answered yes to any of the two questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Bedford town has plenty of rich heritage. Beautiful scenery to visit. Outdoor activities to engage in. Moreover, the hotels in Bedford are located right in the middle of the town offering great accommodation to tourists who fly in.

History of Bedford

From early in the Middle Ages, Bedford made itself an important market town. Rich in history, Bedford is believed to have been founded by the Danes before it was taken over by King Edward. He went on to build a fortress on the south side. However, the fortress was much later ruined by the Danes. The remains of the fortress were later rebuilt by William II. Even that didn’t survive destruction. In celebrating the history, it was later on renovated and plays a significant role in telling the history of Bedford.

The lace and wool industries in Bedford thrived in the Middle Ages. In the Spring of 2013, The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum was reopened. It houses the history of Bedford’s industrialisation in both lace and wool. These two industries played a crucial role in the economic development of Bedford at the time. However, early in the 20th century, Bedford was introduced to brickworks. The same century, saw Bedford experience an inrush of immigrants from Italy. Brewing also played a significant role in boosting the economy and livelihoods of the people. One of such brewing company was Charles Wells, which exists till today.

Bedford has continued to thrive over the years and has a population of more than 153,000 people. It’s also one of the most cultured towns in the United Kingdom with more than 50 ethnic groups calling it home.

For a town that has continued to thrive, there are plenty of activities and places that you can visit in Bedford. Whether you are looking to enjoy a game of rugby, a walk by the lakeside, engage in a car racing activity, Bedford has all this and so much more to offer.

So, What Can You Do in Bedford?

  1. Indoor skydiving

Twinwoods Adventure in Bedford offers the best indoor skydiving experience. For most adrenaline junkies, they are always looking forward to the next adventure. If skydiving tops your bucket list, then it’s about time you get down to Bedford for this amazing experience.

For some people, the idea of jumping off a plane for a couple of kilometers can be a bit scary. The best thing about the indoor skydiving is that you get to enjoy flying very close to the ground. To ensure you get to enjoy the experience, their team of instructors are always at hand to give you the assurance needed.

Besides being featured on TV and having a couple of blockbuster movies shot there, the place also acts as a competing ground for most skydivers.

  1. Priory Country Park

Sitting on 360 acres of land, the Priory Country Park comprises of woodland, lakes and meadows. These beautiful sceneries guarantee you a beautiful view of the town. The park’s management is not only for the benefit of visitors but for wildlife too.

Whether you want to fly kites with your young ones, go fishing or sailing, bike riding or simply walking; you can be sure to enjoy this activities at the Priory Country Park. With no buildings obstructing your view, the park is a good place to go for family picnics. The vast land can be a good playground for the children letting them burn a few calories.

The beautiful surroundings make the nature walk exciting and thrilling with the beautiful lake surrounding the trail. Whether with friends or family, the park allows you to make memories that can be relieved from time to time.

  1. Palmer Motorsport

For motorsport lovers, visiting Bedford can’t be complete without a visit to the Palmer Motorsport. Having been in existence for more than two decades, Palmer Motorsport has hosted hundreds of car racing events.

The experience at Palmer Motorsport is second to none anywhere in the universe. The full-day driving affair dubbed ‘PalmerSport’ was established by Jonathan Plamer, a former F1 racer back in 1991. With each passing year, the sport has continued to ferment its stand as one of the unparalleled motorsport events across the globe.

Visitors and residents alike are allowed access to high performing sports cars at the Bedford Autodrome. Letting guests push to their circuit limits in each car is the mantra. The racing tracks are not only spacious but have been safely constructed to ensure the safety of all visitors.

  1. Bedford Blues Rugby

We all know a good game of rugby with top level players muscling it out for the game can  be quite entertaining. What is even more exciting is coming out to support the local team.


Bedford Blues Rugby was established in 1886 after merging Bedford Swifts and Bedford Rovers. Their home games happen at the Goldington Road Stadium – their home stadium – which has a capacity of 6,000.

With their season game schedules available on their website, make sure to purchase a ticket before heading out to support the team.

  1. Eat at The Embankment Restaurant

Planning a surprise proposal for your fiancée in Bedford and have no idea where to take her? Looking for a romantic getaway to spend some quality couple time? The Embankment Restaurant is the answer to your prayers. Riding on the slogan ‘Our House Is Your Place’, the Embankment Restaurant gives you just that.

Whether you are looking to wine and dine as a group or for a private dining or simply to spend some quality time together in Bedford, you don’t need to look any further than here. Get to enjoy a nicely done meal accompanied by some wine and a beautiful view.

As one of the most sort after places in Bedford town, the restaurant host different events that include weddings, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations to any other special occasion. With a hospitable and relaxed environment facing the Great Ouse River, the restaurant embodies the late-Victorian style with all the comforts of modern provisions.

  1. Wakeboarding

The Box End Park offers truly amazing fun activities in the Bedford area. One of such is wakeboarding. You can also enjoy water-skiing and knee-boarding with the help of their overhead cable system.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or looking to better your riding, you will have one worthy experience. Moreover, they have taster sessions for beginners. Their professional and experienced team will work hand in hand with you to offer you an amazing time.

Besides taster sessions, they also have kids’ sessions that have specials running through the week at a reduced rate. Why not take the young ones out to have some fun?




  1. Art Gallery

Art is and has always been a great way to not only preserve our heritage but to express our feelings. If you are an art lover or are looking to exhibit your work, then The Higgins Bedford Art Gallery is the ideal place for you to be.

School going children can benefit from the learning and resource centres that are full of rich findings. Sessions cut across different curricula’s. As such, parents don’t need to worry about only one curriculum being covered during the tour.

Moreover, if you are looking to hire a venue for an event, conference, workshop or function, The Higgins Bedford can be of immense value. With proximity to the town, you have access to most social amenities round. Besides, if you are staying longer, you can consider volunteering at The Higgins Bedford Art Gallery.

  1. Golf

Are you feeling all lucky and looking to compete in a round of golf? The Bedford & County Golf Club is the place to be. Whether you come in by yourself or are accompanied by a member, we offer you nothing but the best experience.

As one of the best courses in Bedfordshire, the golf course is a 10 minutes’ drive from the town centre. The countryside view and the beautiful landscaped course gives you all the thrills to win the game. The 18-hole course gives you and your buddies the perfect day off to hit some golf balls and reduce the day’s stress.

The 100-year old course white tees measure 6,420 yards while the Ladies tees measures 5,641 yards. With a performance centre, the course is open to visitors from all ends of the world across the week. Additionally, the lager your group, the higher your discount rates.

  1. Bird of Prey Centre

One of the greatest things about Bedford is that you will never miss a thing to do or an activity to engage in. The Bird of Prey Centre is a buzz of activities that are both suitable for adults and children alike.

Whether your interest is in owls, hawks or eagles, we have them all. From game fairs, family days, corporate events to country shows; The English School of Falconry Display can offer you some exciting game-fair sessions. All these at very affordable rates.

The team is also always at hand to answer any questions you may have and take photos with the birds. Your kids will definitely enjoy this and squeal at each and every bird, be sure to visit the centre before your visit comes to an end.

  1. Glen Miller Museum

Glen Miller Museum was named after Alton Glen Miller himself. Miller was not only a bandleader and musician but a composer and arranger as well. His band, Glen Miller Orchestra, was well known back in the day and he was from 1939 – 1943 a best-selling artist.

After undergoing lots of transformation, the Twinwood Airfield Control Tower was restored back to its former state. In 2001, after the much-needed renovation, it was made accessible to the public. The event was officiated by Beryl Davis, one of Glen’s singers. The Glen Miller Concert held during the reopening gave birth to the Twinwood Festival that’s held every year.

The control tower – which is now famously referred to as the Glen Miller Museum – has received thousands of visitors and fans alike who pay homage to Glen Miller. The museum hosts a room that’s a dedication to Glen and his music. It also has a remodelled control room, an art exhibition for aviation and some RAF displays.


Whether your day is fully packed with meetings or work, taking some time off to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in Bedford can help bring the much-needed relaxation to your life. Cycling or nature walks can be a great way to reflect on your day’s activity or life in general. If you are looking for some adventure, then the indoor skydiving should be a great pick for you.

The city itself can help you reconnect with your inner self. From museum visits to learning about the history of Bedford. If your visit is for leisure, even the better. You have more time on your plate to visit more than just the above-suggested areas.

If necessary, you can get a tour guide. Besides suggesting more places to visit, they’ll also have ready answers about the history or origin of certain areas. One of the other places you can consider visiting is the Queen’s Park. Rich in both religion and culture, it’s home to people of different religions. There are places of worship for your specific religion.

After a long day, enjoy a beautifully made dinner and drinks at The Embankment Restaurant. A nice meal and a good view. Bask in the warmth of the people of Bedford. Remember, we all work hard and deserve a good rest once in a while. Bedford’s peaceful countryside view is enough to make you wish you can live there for good. Enjoy every moment while in Bedford and make it count.

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